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Mission Statement

The mission of Underwater Services Int'l Inc. is to provide safe, high quality, cost-effective services; to be responsive, flexible, and innovative in meeting our clients' needs; and to do so in an atmosphere of ethical conduct, mutual trust, and teamwork.

Quality Policy

As a company, Underwater Services International, Inc. conforms to the strict Diving and Safety Standards of:
"Association of Diving Contractors International" (ADCI)
U.S. Coast Guard 46CFR Part 197
Occupational Safety and Health Administration 29CFR 1910 Subpart T
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

It is Underwater Services International's highest priority to remain one of the World's Safest Diving Companies while providing our customers with the latest most advanced trained employees.

Safety Policy

The Underwater Services International, Inc.'s Safety Policy is of the utmost importance to every employee, subcontractor, and supplier regardless of job. This policy, which represents the continued commitment by all companies to a safe working environment, requires complete team cooperation.

Underwater Services International, Inc.'s management team, which includes all levels of supervision, ranks safety equal in importance to productivity and product quality. Safety must also be of equal importance to our subcontractors and suppliers as they are part of "Our Team".

Prevention of all injuries is a realistic goal. Each employee, supervisor, subcontractor, and supplier has the responsibility for the well-being of all employees and cannot be effective without fully accepting this principle.

It is possible to protect against all operating hazards. No matter what the exposure, an effective safeguard can be provided.

It is the responsibility of Underwater Services International, Inc.'s management team to provide a safe working environment in which the employees can perform their job assignments. All employees must be aware of the safety requirements of each task and must assure that no employee is given a job assignment without first determining that the employee can perform his or her duty under safe conditions.

It is also, the responsibility of Underwater Services International, Inc.'s management team to look for better and safer ways to perform a job and to provide ongoing education and training for all employees, subcontractors, and suppliers so they can learn and further enhance safe working habits.

It is the responsibility of employees, when they are adequately trained and instructed, to work safely and ensure a safe working environment for themselves and their fellow team workers.

We feel these three items are the key difference between a good or bad working experience: Detail, Organization, and Passion for this industry.


Employee Training Standards

Underwater Services International, Inc. requires all diving and tending personnel to successfully complete periodic internal training. Our training programs conform to the guidelines set forth by the following governmental and private agencies for the national standards of diving and safety. "Association of Diving Contractors International" (ADCI)
U.S. Coast Guard 46CFR Part 197
OSHA 29CFR 1910 Subpart T
American Bureau of Shipping "Survey After Construction" Part-7, Guide for UWILD
NAVSEA "Underwater Ship Husbandry Manuals" (US Navy)
Diver Alert Network
American Red Cross
All USI employees are required to implement these guideline standards during job performance in accordance with our Quality Program. Additionally, each employee is orally tested before each job and written test are required annually to verify proficiency and knowledge of updated Industry Standards.


Equipment Policy

All equipment is tested and inspected before issue to ensure that it is within safety application. Equipment is either repaired in house by a qualified technician, or contracted out to qualified vendors. NOTE: All equipment returned from the field for maintenance or repair is tagged with a description of the condition of equipment. The Maintenance Supervisor controls the final decision on repair or discard of worn equipment.

All regulator, instrumentation console, depth pressure gauges, tanks, hats, and fire extinguishers require annual overhaul and/or testing. Factory-certified technicians handle maintenance. When a piece of equipment is due for an annual inspection, divers are issued replacement equipment for those items so that no lapse of operational capabilities occurs. Upon receipt of annual replacement equipment, the unit requiring maintenance is returned to the maintenance supervisor immediately. All items that are not repairable or fail annual testing are returned for warranty replacement or destroyed. USI maintenance supervisor makes the decision to repair or dispose of any and all equipment sent in for maintenance or repair. Diving Safety Bulletins will advise divers of factory equipment recall.


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